Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The journey

It started like a whirlwind of happiness and excitement
When the world seemed like the best place to be
When every thing around me made me smile
Months passed like days and days like minutes.
Every cell of my brain was infected with just one thought.

Then the whirlwind calmed down and the sky was clear
Life seemed incomplete without the feeling
It had become a part of my regular life
It was an integral part of my existence.
But the excitement had been replaced by dependence.

With time the clear sky started showing some dark clouds
The regular fights, misunderstandings
But again the joy of patching up
Taking each other for granted
And committing mistakes and hurting the other person.

Then the slow dark clouds accumulated to form a thunder storm
The whole world seemed spinning and had taken a toll
Like someone had injected the hate drug in the blood
Every little mistake seemed like a humongous crime
The sight of the other person was repelling

When a whirlwind comes it always results in a thunderstorm
But when it rains slowly it ends up giving a clear sky
And bright sunlight which gives everything a new life
That is why we all love whirlwinds
But we all are scared of thunder storms.