Thursday, September 03, 2009

happy ending

I was just wondering how many people believe in happy endings? After all that is happening around us do we still believe in happy endings? I some how have always believed in them and guess I am going to forever as well, no matter how fucked up my life gets , I some how tend to have this innate feeling that things are going to be fine at the end. Though I have every reason to not think that way, because I have faced enough of situations in life which should have given me my lessons but somehow I don’t seem to learn from them.

My close ones call me na├»ve , I guess I am hence I always take people for face value and think that the world is full of people who have a basic conscience and are not deceitful, but then I’m wrong. But some how again I love to believe that, and I am petrified of the day when I would change and become manipulative and plan each and every move of mine. I like being impulsive, though that’s the most dumb thing to do as you just land up making a fool of your self but somewhere I feel content. I feel that at least I was true to myself, and may be somewhere that gives me an ego boost (apart from the times when cute guyz compliment me …lol) .

This was just a thought that came to me while I was watching this film where the lead protagonist was talking about how happy ending don’t happen these days but yet some fools like me still believe in them.