Thursday, October 22, 2009

Its 4 30 pm and i was in the car with ma, arko (my brother) and troy( my dog) , my driver is zooming through the traffic because i have a flight in less than an hours time, ma is tensed if i would be able to make it on time, but streams of tears are rolling down my eyes and when the car enters the gate of the airport on time i finally burst out saying ...
"why did we reach on time?" clenching ma's hand and crying like a little girl who was punished by her teacher.......
"there is no place for emotions in this world" said ma her eyes red, the tear drop on the verge of popping out.....

Every time papa books my ticket for kolkata for some reason I feel sad because i don't want to go back, i don't want a change. I guess i am scared of change. Because its the same feeling when its time for me to go back to Mumbai from Home.
someone somewhere had said that "change is the only constant element of our lives".
But i would say its the most inevitable element in our lives....

p.s Its time for me to leave home and go back to Mumbai...

love and familiarity

It’s late at night,

Both of them have lost the track of time.

The October sky looks magnificent,

The pitch dark sky embedded with shining crystals. .

He asks her “Are you scared of the dark?”

And she just stares at the sky admiring its beauty.

But he could not see anything more beautiful than her,

Though it was dark and he could barely see her face.

Something was bothering him,

Was it her indifference or distance?

Did she really love him?

Or was it that uncanny familiarity that they had shared for years now.

It was not the same as before,

It definitely wasn’t.

But he could not understand why,

May be that is what was bothering him.

Monday, October 19, 2009


My first film in a theatre was with you,

So was my first date.

The first time I had a sip of alcohol,

or the first time I smoked a cigarette.

You were there in all my “first times”.

The fights we had and the love we shared.

The first time I saw what the city looked at night,

The rock concerts and the candle light dinners.

The insane fights followed by the stream of tears.

You were there in all my “zaniness”

But all this was possible only because you were there,

And never gave me a chance to feel your absence.

I took you for granted, misbehaved with you.

Like children do with their parents.

Because you are my family.

But today when I realize that you are actually going away,

For not very long but still,

I miss you and I feel sad.

Because in life you don’t easily get friends

And when you do, you don’t want to part from them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sometimes I wonder why we crib that there are no good actors in bollywood, because if we look around us we will find brilliant actors everyday. But the only thing that surprises me is that if they are such good actors then why they are even wasting their time and energy in any other profession which doesn’t even pay them one percent of what they could have earned by being a professional actor.

But on the other hand they achieve a lot of things anyways by their acting skills as well, things such as love which is so hard to find these days. I guess only actors these days find love, and if we look deeper it’s true an actor of any kind gets much more love than anyone else, be it our bollywood actors or real life actors. We all love them but all they have to do is just pretend to love us and once they get what they want they stop pretending as well. So I guess the losers are the people who love them actually looser is a wrong word, id rather call them fools.

I have had a very close encounter with such an actor and trust me he was outstanding at his job. I mean so convincing and effortless that he truly would have got an Oscar if he acted professionally.

Kudos to such people! I deeply, truly envy you guyz!!!!