Thursday, December 04, 2008


I think I’m crazy
Crazy for you
I think I’m in love
In love with you

But then you don’t believe in love
Is that my fault?
You are attracted to me
So you can’t be my friend.

You like me you say
And that is enough for me
You can’t meet me you say
That shatters me.

I dream of you
I think of you
I talk of you
But does all this make any difference to you?

So here I ask you
What do you do?
When you are crazy
Crazy in love!

this is one of the worst poems you will ever come accross....but then i thought what the heck?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this late hour when I sit here at home without food, all alone without family, land lord and land lady risking their lives at the battle front as journalists, paranoid parents calling every two minutes I just wonder what must those people out there who are in a worse situation than I am must be facing. Just a handful of terrorists can destroy the financial capital of India our very own city of Mumbai in just 24 hours time. South Mumbai which is the most important place in this entire country, where the big daddies of India reside was just taken on a ride by a bunch of young lads?

It seems like Rambo in real life, where these young, insensitive, ruthless, mindless boys go around killing people with AK47 in their hands. It shocks me and at the same time I’m amazed by the carelessness and inefficiency of our government, the people on whom the entire country depends on. Few days ago there was a blast in the parliament and not even a single hair of the bodies of our ministers got affected (where as if I could do I would just go and kill those mother fucking illiterate assholes and I’m sure many of you will agree with me) but I’m dead sure if any of them would die or even get injured then Mumbai would not be facing such a situation today. This is the first of its kind where there has been constant attacking for 57 hours (unbelievable).

America had 9/11 once and since then there has been no attacks because the American citizens had taken up the matter in their hands and didn’t leave it to the government. But our motherland keeps getting attacked again and again but alas we the citizens do nothing about it but get angry about It and have good tea times debates, sit and write blogs (like I am), some are not bothered even to give it a second thought because they have not been affected personally and the others have moved on with their life.

The most surprising part is the insensitive, illiterate, politically incorrect comments and actions of our ministers. I mean what were they thinking when they made comments like “It was just a small attack, why should I resign?” and the chief minister goes to pay a visit to the The Taj with trashfilm maker Ram Gopal Verma and his actor son Ritesh Deshmukh im sure he went there to do field study about his sons next film which will be on this issue which is the most bankable issue right now. Not only this amidst all this our opposition party leaders have started playing their dirty politics also. I mean could anything get worse than this? Huh!

The few people who follow my blog ( don’t even know if there is one) can we please wake up and do something about the current situation of our country I mean if Rambo can take place in real life then so can Rang De Basanti!