Friday, November 30, 2007

This marked the beginning of their obsession for each other……eventually raunak proposed raina and the obvious answer was awaiting……They gradually got used to each others company , there was not a single hour when they didn’t talk to each other. Raina used to stay moderately far off from raunaks place but then after almost a year their family shifted close by to raunaks place. Both of them were on the seventh heaven….They met up everyday for hours and hours, initially they never fought with each other, they were like the best , cutest and the most talked about couple in the school circuit.Everybody came to know about their relationship including their parents and relatives.Raunak first went Rainas place on saraswati puja so he was dressed up in Indian attire and undoubtedly looked very handsome and with his innocent face and charming personality he impressed rainas mother and family.Raina went to Raunaks place on the same day in a saree and even she had created quite an impression on Raunaks mother, with her friendly, childlike and lovable nature.The only person who was ignorant about the affair was Rainas father, and in due course even he came to know about their affair……That week was a week of utter anxiety in Rainas family because her father though himself had a love marriage was very conservative and orthodox when it came to his daughter and wife. Raina never had the courage to talk about any boy with her father so this was a drastic step for her.But after a week ultimately the strict father had to bend down in front of his daughters wishes…..Her father invited Raunaks family for dinner at their place and with time both the families developed a good relationship among themselves.

Everything was going their way now, their families had accepted their relationship to an extent that even they started thinking that both will land up getting married, in fact not only the families but even their friends and other who knew them.Both of them were very popular in their own ways……Now that every problem was solved arouse problems among themselves, as they say the journey of life is never smooth. The couple that never fought started fighting with each other on a regular basis and the main reason of their fights were their insecurity for each other. They both got lot of male and female attention, which they both enjoyed but neither Raunak nor Raina could bear the fact that their better halves were getting that much attention….They both had a tremendous fear of loosing each other which was good in one way because this was the binding factor between both of them. They forgot that they both were just 17 and all this was natural…The two kids started behaving like grown up adults…….They kept on having never ending fights, and had their own share of infidelity which was not exactly that unsmiling, but they portrayed that as if there could have been no crime bigger than that.

Finally they had given their board examinations and the alarm bell rang …..It was time for true test…….Raunak got through Singapore and Raina was planning to get admitted in a college in mumbai, she wanted to do media.But the thought of getting separated from each other haunted raina and she couldn’t bear that….She was ready to go to any state and study…..she just wanted raunak to stay back…..she expressed her frustration by fighting with him, but it was just anather emotional vent. Nights after nights she used to have dreams of Raunak going away to Singapore and dating some hot girl there.She used to cry , go under depression, she was not worried about her own self but she kept on thinking about where Raunak would go…..Raunak had filled up forms in Delhi University but he was determined about Singapore , so raina to take revenge filled up forms in mumbai…..But finally Raunak went to Delhi……..Raina was the happiest person in the world that day, she was on seventh heaven……She thought that any how she will get admitted in any college in delhi, she started calling up every college of delhi, asked her parenst to use every possible contacts, in the mean while the results of the mumbai colleges came out and she lied to her parents that she didn’t get through any college when she actually did.She took the risk, finally her dad agreed to send her to a private college in delhi to study media…everything was set and done, the flight tickets were booked.The night before they were leaving for delhi her dad came in and showed her few slips……He found out the university he was sending her to was a fraud one.It didn’t have affiliation and it was the most unsafe place for girls. For Raina the world had come to an end, there was nothing beyond that.She fought with her parents, she stopped having food, went out of the house, she had gone insane.Raunak on the other hand could not understand the situation there in kolkata….After 3 days Rainas aunt called up and said that she got through the best college in mumbai for media , this was the college she had dreamt of going to. But raina wasn’t happy, she didn’t want to go, her parents forced her, she had spent a lot of money for this admission procedure in mumbai. So out of compulsion and with utter disagreement she went to mumbai. After that there grew a huge distance between them.Raunak misunderstood raina, so he started avoiding her, he barely called her up and kept his cell switched off all day and night. Raina was in a girls college where was Raunak in a co –ed college, this was a constant headache for raina. She kept on getting depressed with every passing day, She used to skip her lunches and save up 120 bucks each day to call Raunak up, but then his phone was always switched off. She finally took out all the money she had from the ATM and bought two and fro tickets for raunak to come to mumbai because she couldn’t go to delhi.They had a deadline at their pg and her pg aunty was a bitch. The day before raunak was coming to mumbai he made excuses of not being able to come, this made raina go mad and crazy. But finally he came and they spend 2 whole days with each other.These two days were the happiest moments of rainas life, she went to all the beaches she wanted to go with raunak , but somehow she got a cold feeling from raunaks side.This killed het from inside, she was very egoistic, she started talking to random people on orkut to make him jealous, and raunak the way he is got jealous. Raunak was going to kolkata for the pujas but she had her semesters right after that, her parents didn’t want her to come to kolkata then.She didn’t tell anybody, she bout a flight ticket to kolkata with all the money she had and went to kolkata and right from the time she landed, they started fighting with each other. Her dad didn’t talk to her for a single day in her stay in kolkata , her mother was also very annoyed with her.She went back to mumbai just before the day her semster began and she was not prepared at all. Raunak kept fighting with her during ger semesters because of some rumour he heard about her and she kept crying and screwed her exam.She thought of breaking up with him this time after a very cheap action of raunak.That day she lost all respect for raunak but she still loved him a lot, she dint know why. When she went back to kolkata this time Raunak sat all night below her house and kept apologising, Raina couldn’t stop herself and again again went back to him. The next few days they again started behaving like a lovey dovey couple but but then Raunak had to go away to delhi. She was left all alone in kolkata again, but here she ahd many friends, After few days she got introduced to a guy who was her room mates friend…..She wanted to hook her friend and that guy up……So she started to talking to the guy….But raunak had again started his ignoring sessions once he reached delhi and kept suspecting her for very menial reasons….She started conversing with this boy on a regular basis when suddenly one day she said that she was frustrated with raunak to the new friend, and after listening to the whole situation like every other opportunist this boy told her that she was making the right decision….And in the mean while he proposed raina , raina thought he was very good and he could be a good to date, she was not attracted to him but she thought she was….While all this was happening in kolkata, there was a completely different scene going on at Delhi, raunak was planning to come to kolkata to meet her……When she heard that she was overwhelmed but by then she had been manipulated also….She was in dual mind…..She didn’t know what to do……In this confusion she landed up hurting the man of her life, the boy whom she loved more than herself, the boy about whom she was obsessed…….He cried in front of her , but she kept re-collecting her bad experiences with him and forgot about all the happy moments…..Raunaks parents started hating her and so did raunak…..She didn’t even say yes to the other guy and finally she turned out to be the looser.Because the very next day after she broke up she called raunak to say that she loved him and wanted to patch up…Raunaks friends abused the shit out of her……

Both of them went back to their respective cities……..Raina kept trying, she didn’t loose hope,Raunak finally patched up also, but then for some lame, insignificant reason, he broke up with her. He needed an excuse to breakup…..He changed his number, insulted her in front of his female friends and they never spoke to each other again……………

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The next Sunday again Raina goes to the tutorial for giving her mock test as usual, and to her great astonishment she found Raunak sitting there on one corner of the room. She was pleasantly surprised, and quietly came into the room and sat down. Raunak smiled at her and she smiled back…….They both were happy to see each other, but the only difference was that Raina had nor expected this meet and Raunak had planned this meet, because Raunak never came on Sunday to give the tests….his scheduled date was saterday….last Sunday he had come by chance. They both wanted to strike a conversation with each other but were too egoistic in their own ways to do so till Sundari came in. Raina had her school fest the previous night, so she started discussing about it with sundari, that is when Raunak made a call to his friend and started narrating his bad experience in the same fest last night. Raina heard that and the moment raunak gung up she charged him and hence they both started a conversation. They spoke about music, books, the mock test, their school and many other things…….Raunak was happily flirting in his own smooth manner and raina reciprocated, she asked him weather he was dating anybody and he said that there was no girl who he liked. So she asked him about the kind of girls he liked and pat came the reply “ I like dusky gilrs with beautiful eyes”…Sundari kicked raina on her legs immediately….Finally they both landed up with a blank paper, both either of them were least bothered. Raunak asked raina for her yahoo chat id and she gave it without any hesitation.

Riana went home, had her lunch and afternoon nap and went online like yet another lazy Sunday evening and suddenly a yahoo chat window pops in her computer screen

Rickyb: hey im raunak from tution
Raina: ohhhh hey…..

Raunak went home and the first thing he did was to add Raina, he had logged in from his phone to check when she comes online, so the moment he saw her online he started chatting. Thus they kept chatting for hours, and on a happier note, raina had a web cam in her computer so Raunak could even see her.They kept flirting with eacvh other when finally after 4 days Raunak asked Raina……..

Rickyb: I really like a girl a lot and I don’t know how to ask her out on a date, you are a girl can you tell me how do I go about it?
Raina: well how is the girl? I mean if she is frank and a good friend of yours by now then ask her directly….I’m sure she will say a yes.
Raunak:Ohhhkkkk are you sure????? The girl is very sweet and pretty and very frank also…..
Riana: Fine then whats the problem go ahead and ask her out….
Raunak:Hey chocolate babe will you come on a date with me? Look now you cant refuse, because u said she will say yes….
Raina:hehehehe….very clever huh!..ok fine I will….

Then finally they go out on their first date……They saw two movies back to back, king kong and kalyug ……then they went to ccd and Raunak with his usual smoothness started flirting.They played the eye game and had kept a reprimand of a kiss each.So each time any one of them lost they kissed each other on their cheek. Then Raunak said if one looses thrice in a row then the penalty is a smooch.So finally Raina had her first kiss and Raunak his 100th or so… a cab. Raina was nervous, excited, got butterflies in her stomach, frightened but she was so attracted to him that she could not refuse it either………


Monday, November 26, 2007


It is a chilly December morning and Kolkata has never looked more beautiful, with glacial wind nerve-racking the spines. It is the perfect atmosphere to laze under the blanket and gaze at the birds outside your window with a cup of steaming hot lemon masala tea. Raina is sitting all alone in a closed room of a tutorial to give a mock test for which she is not prepared at all. Her eye lids are heavy and are on the verge of closing, her long purplish black, straight hair which is usually open is tied into a high pony, her pink and white pullover is just not enough to comfort her in that temperature, there is a trace of smudged kohl in her dark black almond shaped eyes and her dusky completion has become dry due to lack of her daily dose of nivea.

Her only friend in the tutorial, Sundari comes with a big “hey”, raina wonders from where Sundari got the energy this morning, because usually it’s the other way round. They start having their usual conversation about how badly they were prepared for the mock test when a tall, fair guy with a dimple chin, droopy eyes and red lips comes in. He was not a familiar face to both of them, so both looked at each other. The guy was wearing a red pull over which made his fair completion look even more fair, with baggy pants and a black string pink floyd bag on his shoulder. He looked like one of those good looking rich brats who came for the sake of giving the mock test to the tutorial. He came and sat right in front of Raina, for the first time the two girls got to see an eye candy in the tutorial. The two of them started giggling like those dumb blondes who giggle at the slightest instant, like when a guy sneezes loudly and other such lame instances. The invigilator came in to distribute the booklets, when a deep voice said “ I don’t have a watch”, and the invigilator said that she will come after every 25 minutes to let him know the time, saying this she went out of the room. The three of them started writing the paper , after five minutes the boy asked raina “Do you have a watch?” ………….Raina said “yes , I do”. He said ok that means I don’t have to bother her anymore, and he started writing the paper. He was looking at raina though the corner of his eyes, which raina noticed. After a while Raina asked him if he had a claculator…. and he gave it to her. It was a four hours paper and 2 hours had already past, when suddenly the boy goes out. Raina notices that and after some time when she saw that he didn’t arrive she also made a move. She went out of the tutorial and was waiting for her car to come when suddenly she notices the same boy smoking a cigarette and engrossed in some deep thought. She was too snobbish to go up and talk to him, so she made herself noticed to the boy. The boy tried to be a gentleman for a change and hid the cigarette behind him and said “You are going away so soon? Did you complete your paper?” Raina said that she didn’t feel like sitting back for the test. He walked up to her and let his hand out and said “ raunak” with a heavy accent and raina did the same but without any accent………..he asked her weather she was waiting for some one to which she replied that she was waiting for her car …..He asked her which school she was froma and she asked him the same……It was one of those formal conversations which occur when a guy and a girl meet…..Raina said she knew one guy from his school and from his class who happened to be her cousin……finally raina said a bye and walked away…………She found him cute but thought that he might not like her because he seemed to be those guyz who liked the typical blonde. Raina always had a misconception that fair guyz always like fair girls and not dusky girls, she basically suffered from an inferiority complex.

On the other hand Raunak found her to be very attractive and he was already planning how he could get hold of her cousin in his school and fix a date with her. Raunak was a big and a pretty famous Casanova so he started chocking out his plan.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Letter to Ma..

Dear Ma,
It is really strange to write letters to people who are so close to you, if not physically but mentally.But there are some things which are better written than said.All this while that i was there with you in kolkata i didnt realise your importance but now that I'm not there with you, i understand your importance.You are the person who has shaped up my personality, and helped me grow as a girl, daughter,friend and even a girl friend.I'm really very lucky to be a pampered child, there are many friends of mine who are neglected, but trust me i never felt neglected for any moment in my life.

I still remember when i was a toddler and you had your university examinations, Instead of revising your syllabus on the very morning you were busy preparing my breakfast , my juice and my lunch.I didnt have any tution teacher till my high school, you taught me each and every subject.The moment i used to return from school and you from work , you used to sit with me to teach me, I hated it then but now i really miss it, I miss studying in front of you and depending on you to prepare me for my exams.When Arko was born I was very jealous because of the fear of being neglected but trust me you never let me feel left out, that is probably beacause you love me more than him and even if you dont i love to think that way.When i had my first crush youcame to know about it from your secret spy cum our chauffer, You were the one to break the ice and explain me things instead of getting mad at me like most parents.You can't imagine how embarraced i was but then that day i got my best friend in you.It is such a blessing to have a best friend in your mother.

Ma i really miss you a lot in Mumbai, now when you call me i don't talk much, but trust me i have a lot to share with you.I crave for those small on and off conversations that we had of which papa was extremely jealous.I love you a lot ma, You complete me.


Introduction to my new life

My last post was filled with questions which are finally answered and thing have pretty much gone in my favour.At last i realised that life is not all that cruel.

So finally I'm in Mumbai, Sophia college doing bachelors of media management [this is what i always wanted to do].Rick didnt go to singapore but Delhi and he is doing Economics honers.We are no longer dating each other and Rick blames me for stopping him from going to singapore.Though i didnt do anything of that sort [At least i feel that way].No one can stop any one from doing anything.

So this is the current state of my life.All this while i was irregular in updating my blog becuase i was busy setteling my life and yes trying to adjust in this cosmopolitan city, which has everything but warmth.I shouldnt be complaining, beacause it was me who choose to come here, rather was determined to come here.

But in all I'm enjoying my new life.