Saturday, November 11, 2006


I was sitting on the beach,thinking about you.
Arose a question in my mind,
how much do i love you?
Looking at the waves hitting the shore,
some touching phrases came out of the core.
How the waves love the shore!
Is that the way i love you?

I looked at the sun in search of you,
I also peeped at the morning dew,
I search you here,i search you there,
But i see you always everywhere.
Even at the sea that i stare.
Is that the way i love you?

Before the sun could see me
And along with the morning dew
I saw something amazing,
To my eyes it was new.
Two white doves looking at each others eyes,
without moving or being shy,
Promised to be togethar or die.
Is that the way i love you?

And then i remembered what you said,
When the wind through my hair blew.
Hpw much you loved me sometime back,
And how much that love grew.
You kept on saying"You know you are mine,till the end of world,till the end of time!"
At last i felt,on the sand while lying,
This is the way i love you!
The one month of my singleton got over within a week[infact it wasnt there].My life is in a mess now,my boards are after 4 months and still nowIdnt feel like studying.Infact i want to study but some how i cant.These coming 4 months are going to decide my future,and i seriously need to gear up now.But i somehow cannot study, i still donot have any sort of tention about my boards,though i know that if i dont get a minimum of 80% no good college is going to take me.I want to get into any top college of India,because i till date i have always been in the best schools and now im in such a state that i cannot survive in collges like jogomaya or south city[no offence].On top of that my boy friend tells he has to go away to singapore for his higher studies ,he has his career and i seriously dont want him to sacrifise his career for me[why should he?]But i know,that its kind of impossible for me to imagine my life without him[though my life is not as rosy as it seems to be].Everyone has to move on in life,even i will have to.

Its high time i have to seriously start studying from nowonwards,these 4 months i have to devote to myself and build up my career.I love rick and so does he but this love will not be there if after 4 months im in a crappy college,with no future.I want to be famous but i donot no the path.lord please show me thy light.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The next one month.....

22 october,2006

Today I told raunak that I want a break from this relationship for a month or so,this was a very difficult decision for me to take at this point of time but I cudnt help it,I had to do this for the sake of our relationship.Our relationship was going thru such a phase that it was becoming difficult for us to stand each other.And I seriously donot want to become so frustated that a time comes when I would even hate talking to him.I love him and I even no that he I thought the best way to save our relationship was to take a break from each other and see how much we miss each others company.Raunak is not trying to understand the situation,he has already called me twice and sent me 3 txts but I was firm[thou it was a very tuff thing to do].

And on a lighter note im single for the next one month!!!!![watch it guyzzz].

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Dear readers,

Let me introduce myself to you.....

Im Shrimoyee,as my name suggests im a girl,im seventeen years old.My blog name tells u that im basically a very simple person and if you are expecting some very high profile intellectual blog from me then im very sorry.Here you will mainly get to read about my life in very simple and clear language[u dont hv 2 sit with a dictionary].This is my second attemt to create a blog and i hope i will be able 2 maintain it as im very irregular,and frickle minded.So heres wishing me all the best for this blog.I would be thankful to god if i get atleast a handfull of readers because my blog is nothing over the top but i guess it wont be that boring also.