Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The first meeting..

My life was mundane and boring, but at ease
Your one hello turned my world upside down to make it cease
My hormones which were otherwise latent became active
Only to make my life all the more complicated
In the face of all this my mind refused to operate
Because by then my heart was in charge of my veins

Days passed and my heart started growing weaker
My adrenalin shot up to the sky
To add on to it, my close friend told me “he is a game player”
Very little did she know about the games my heart had already started playing.
His gentle touch and his sinful kiss was like bliss
And this feeling was nothing but enthralling.


abhik said...

mah poetic nd philosophical didibhai....nevr new dat u cud pen such gud poetry....bingo!!!

Anonymous said...

I didnt know you wrote poetry...

shrimoyee said...

well i dont usually but at times i just try this was my second try...