Friday, August 08, 2008

The pleasant surprise

Nothing about the day was unusual,
The early morning class; the swarming bus; the mind-numbing lectures and my messed up life;
But very little did I know that sometimes life has some special gifts for you
When you need them the most

Sitting in the canteen with my only friend in this alien land,
We were waiting for the cinema lecture to commence
When a thought came to mind, “Why not visit the most picturesque place of the city” Where the waves hit the rocks like there was no tomorrow amidst the couples cozying up in the sand.

Every thing was perfect, the weather, the sea, but me.
Till I glanced someone sitting by the shore staring at the waves like a kid staring at a mansion of clay,
My heart skipped a beat and my knee grew weak.
The endearing “hey” accompanied with a warm smile was just enough to make my day.


Rohan said...

I wound'nt call this a disaster..!!jus a learning phase..!!
keep writin :)

Rohan said...
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