Friday, October 10, 2008


I want to hold your hand and watch the sea
I want to hug you and feel the breeze
I want to kiss you when the sun sets
And I want you to see me in that new dress

I want to be cuddled in the pool by you
I want you to hug me and teach me pool
I want you to lick the ice cream on my lip
And smile at me every time we meet.

I want to see you with the morning sun
And make breakfast together
I want to go driving with you
And the car deck playing Denver

I want to dance with you in the rain
And fall sick together
All the above things are priceless
But this is all I desire.


sKare cRo said...

I just became a follower....I thank VC for leading me here..

gaursmail said...

hope u fullfil ur desire

shrimoyee said...

@ SKARE SCRO hey who is VC?


@ GAURSMAIL thanks....

gaursmail said...

gaursmail is gaurang lol

shrimoyee said...

hahah ok okk...

Vikas Chandra said...

oh I am the culprit- known as VC to some dear ones!

shrimoyee said...

hahaha okkk ....