Thursday, December 04, 2008


I think I’m crazy
Crazy for you
I think I’m in love
In love with you

But then you don’t believe in love
Is that my fault?
You are attracted to me
So you can’t be my friend.

You like me you say
And that is enough for me
You can’t meet me you say
That shatters me.

I dream of you
I think of you
I talk of you
But does all this make any difference to you?

So here I ask you
What do you do?
When you are crazy
Crazy in love!

this is one of the worst poems you will ever come accross....but then i thought what the heck?


gaursmail said...

hey cool u shown ur feelings
if i m crazy in love i keep writing comments in bloggers spot

Shrey said...

Hey Shrimoyee, i like this one, n probably its nt the worst, if u look into sm of my poems ( i cal them songs). its arnd an yr nw tht i hv stopped writin (i dnt kno why). bt whn i used to, it ws coz i too ws 'crazy in love'. do chk smtime..