Friday, March 06, 2009


Oh my god! She is a slut because she has random sex with men,

Don’t talk to him, he is a junkie,

She got the promotion because she is an ass licker,

She is so well maintained, I’m sure she is a blonde!

How many times have we judged people like this before?

I am sure we do this on an everyday basis

But when other people pass such comments about us

We don’t like it.

We are always on an attempt to impress other people

Or try to do things which will make us socially acceptable.

But have we ever given it a thought why?

We always have our own convenience point,

Which we don’t cross because that’s the line we have drawn for our selves

And people who don’t do that, we persistently judge them.

Judgments are like the smoke of a cigarette,

We don’t like when we are on the receiving end

But love it when we are doing it.

But if we stop doing it,

We wouldn’t be perturbed even if people around us did it.

We often use the phrase “live and let live”

But do we ever practice it?

Some of us might be thinking that yes we do,

But on a sub conscious level we all do the exact opposite.

Knowingly or unknowingly we keep doing it,

Every moment we find something which is sporadic to our eyes.

But how hypocritical can we be,

When we see the same thing on the big screen,

Or read about such people in novels,

We don’t judge them; rather we look up to them,

Jim Morrison, Kate Winslet, Che Guevara,

We all love them don’t we?

Do we ever Judge them?

No, is the unanimous answer.

So why judge our fellas?

Just because they are not the so called “somebodies”?


Nick Mitra said...

Good Post..

Judging is a thing which people find themselves on a level of higher authority.

The ability of thinking also has a flaw that it comes to quick conclusions n judgments. May it be good or bad.

Plus if u observe the most talked about person is the most famous person.

More the fame, more the gossip. It's like a gift which comes along with a bonus offer of a curse.

(Great Marketing though)

As long as there would be differences in level of authority and the ability to think, there would in-conclusive judgments, conclusions, decisions etc.

I totally agree with your post of let things be the way they are. But as my earlier point comes, humans are meant to they cant let just let things the way they are.

Anyways this post is one of ur bests..

Keep Blogging :)

Vikas Chandra said...

but please allow me to commit a crime of judging this post of yours...

well written .. i always made my mind not to judge people..but isn't it a bit idealistic??

anyway we all strive for that..and thanx for reminding me of that Shrimoyee

Deep said...

Just came past your blog.

You said that we look up to persons like Kate Winslet, Che... And that we don't judge them.
But do you really think that we admire them without judging them?? On a sub-conscious level we are infact judging them, by their qualities, by their skills. Don't you think so??

I agree with you in the 1st part of the post. Humans are the worst hypocrites. And then we judge people only by their few qualities. The entire perception of the person can change if we look at the broader aspects of his character.


ScarletTd1ar1es said...

amazing. its funny about how the truth about humans is what needs change the most.

spot on with the hypocrites part.


shrimoyee said...

@ mihir we.. here by judgments i meant primarily negative ones....

@ vikas yeah i agree and having said that even i am judgmental and thats what i wanna change bout myself...