Sunday, October 22, 2006

The next one month.....

22 october,2006

Today I told raunak that I want a break from this relationship for a month or so,this was a very difficult decision for me to take at this point of time but I cudnt help it,I had to do this for the sake of our relationship.Our relationship was going thru such a phase that it was becoming difficult for us to stand each other.And I seriously donot want to become so frustated that a time comes when I would even hate talking to him.I love him and I even no that he I thought the best way to save our relationship was to take a break from each other and see how much we miss each others company.Raunak is not trying to understand the situation,he has already called me twice and sent me 3 txts but I was firm[thou it was a very tuff thing to do].

And on a lighter note im single for the next one month!!!!![watch it guyzzz].

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Handa said...

There are still four days left... where can i apply?