Saturday, November 11, 2006

The one month of my singleton got over within a week[infact it wasnt there].My life is in a mess now,my boards are after 4 months and still nowIdnt feel like studying.Infact i want to study but some how i cant.These coming 4 months are going to decide my future,and i seriously need to gear up now.But i somehow cannot study, i still donot have any sort of tention about my boards,though i know that if i dont get a minimum of 80% no good college is going to take me.I want to get into any top college of India,because i till date i have always been in the best schools and now im in such a state that i cannot survive in collges like jogomaya or south city[no offence].On top of that my boy friend tells he has to go away to singapore for his higher studies ,he has his career and i seriously dont want him to sacrifise his career for me[why should he?]But i know,that its kind of impossible for me to imagine my life without him[though my life is not as rosy as it seems to be].Everyone has to move on in life,even i will have to.

Its high time i have to seriously start studying from nowonwards,these 4 months i have to devote to myself and build up my career.I love rick and so does he but this love will not be there if after 4 months im in a crappy college,with no future.I want to be famous but i donot no the path.lord please show me thy light.

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The Darkish Overlord said...

baby! how could you even think i wouldn't love you if you got admitted in jogomaya or south city?!

obviously i will! goes without saying...

i'll just say you're from xavier's okay?


love you..