Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sometimes I wonder why we crib that there are no good actors in bollywood, because if we look around us we will find brilliant actors everyday. But the only thing that surprises me is that if they are such good actors then why they are even wasting their time and energy in any other profession which doesn’t even pay them one percent of what they could have earned by being a professional actor.

But on the other hand they achieve a lot of things anyways by their acting skills as well, things such as love which is so hard to find these days. I guess only actors these days find love, and if we look deeper it’s true an actor of any kind gets much more love than anyone else, be it our bollywood actors or real life actors. We all love them but all they have to do is just pretend to love us and once they get what they want they stop pretending as well. So I guess the losers are the people who love them actually looser is a wrong word, id rather call them fools.

I have had a very close encounter with such an actor and trust me he was outstanding at his job. I mean so convincing and effortless that he truly would have got an Oscar if he acted professionally.

Kudos to such people! I deeply, truly envy you guyz!!!!

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Peekay said...

Like your choice of music, you definitely stand out in expressing your feelings. Awesome read. Kudos Girl. You got a long way to move forward. Have fun and enjoy the life the way you would like. And I am sure you have the right taste for that.

Pritish Mukherjee-- couldn't resist jumping from FB to your blog. Thanks for a good read.
Bhalo Theko.