Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sophia College

Yet another parting is about to commence and this time it’s not just parting with some one, its with all the memories , the building, the laughter, the anger, the hatred and the love , yes you guessed it right its my college my alma matter.

It’s strange how I have never felt this connect with my schools in the past where I have spent decades of my life.

Sophia College was a dream that I dreamt and it came true, but it didn’t take me long to hate it as well while I was in it, I guess that’s what happens when a dream develops into a reality, we unearth the unpleasant sides of it with our eyes open.

 I will not say I have made the best of my friends here,
 I won’t say I was very active in college activities either,
But this place has given me much more than that. It has changed my perspective, helped me open my eyes and look around, taught me to dream and yet stay in touch with reality.
And all of this would not have been possible with out Lavanya or Professor Lavanya Varadrajan. She is this power packed woman who is not even remotely aware of the effect she has on people, I could at least say about myself, she has inadvertently played one of the most important roles in shaping my character and personality. She made me love education for whatever it is worth and I will thank her for this for years to come by or may be ceaselessly. She has redefined the definition of a teacher. She has been mean, she has been ruthless, irrational, and there have been times when I wanted to break her head as well, but then she has been the only motivational element which drew me to college and to attend lectures. And I am fearful now because I know there are a very few Lavanyas in the world and thus I don’t know what to expect when I attend my masters lectures. Because she has set such high parameters in last two years that I am scared that the love that I have developed for educational system will fade away if those standards of teaching are not met in the future. But nevertheless the love for education will hopefully remain intact.

Today was my second last day in Sophia College and I now wish this day never came because now I feel that I am about to loose my identity.


Zena Yarde said...

Nice Post dear, m an ex Sophiate my self :)

(:Cheryl:) said...

Yes, a real nice post. I"m an ex student too!!

IndianUrbanTeen said...
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IndianUrbanTeen said...

*lose by the way. You have quite a few typos there.
About Lavanya. Well, you said all there is to say. That woman is born to teach!! Nobody can do it like she can! She is one of the most brilliant people I have ever seen. I just got done with my First Year and I'm hopelessly in awe of her.