Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Now that its time for me to part ways with Mumbai and I cant find a good enough adjective to describe this city, I would like to thank a few people who have in whatever little way made my stay here eventful and truly memorable. Because a city is nothing without the people and it’s the people who you remember once you look back at the days spend. My three year stay in Mumbai wouldn’t have been complete if either of you would not be there in my life in this course of time.

Reema Bhattacharya

I have fought with her, hated her, shared almost everything with her (leaving aside the lingerie thankfully) and most importantly loved her. My bond with her goes way beyond just friendship because I have practically lived with this woman constantly for three whole years of my life in the same room. I probably can’t live like this with my Husband as well. I can go on and on but then I don’t think this space is enough to talk about how important she has been to me in my stay in Mumbai.

p.s We are not on talking terms for last two days though we are living in the same room (this is the kind of bond that we share)

Roohi Musale

Both of us have bitched extensively about each other, we have passed the nastiest comments about each other; she thinks I am a pack of bones and nothing else. But then she is the one who I spend most of my days with. We are the best bitching and eating buddies. I always miss her when I am in Kolkata, I invariably give her a call when I wanna have dinner out or go clubbing. She has always criticized me but also has been there for me whenever I needed to vent out.

Will genuinely miss you and I mean it. (I know you must be smirking away looking at this but nevertheless I shall say)

Hebah Patel aka Patel scope aka  clubbing partner

Yes her name is hebah patel and she is not a gujju!! She has been entertaining me with her lame jokes for last three years and I am sure by now I have memorized all of them. Infact roohi, hebah, reema and me, all four of us have had one of the most special memories in Mumbai. We have abused each other like no bodies business ( we were working in the same group for projects and I guess that explains it all)

Patel I will always remember you….and you have to party with me every time I come to Mumbai!!

Kritika Bajaj

Yes miss drama queen, I admit here I have bitched about you to my hearts content but always thought you have got a very pretty face :-p. Loved that night when we went clubbing together…Will remember that day for a long time…

Tania Dey

The love guru, who is always ready with advice and has a big enough heart to distribute it to the innumerable men in her life. People say we are very similar lovers and trust me I take that as a compliment. Tania I know you love women and so do I so if I ever decide to swing the other way, you will be my first choice…:-p

Manishek Gupta

My first friend in Mumbai, have spend some great times with you. Love you

Subhash Dawda aka Subbie

The knight in shining armor who saved me in the Iron Maiden concert and since then has been one of my closest friends in Mumbai. We have done it all right from advising each other on our love lives, sharing our breakup stories, bitching, partying and also studying. Subbie thank god I met you other wise I would really miss out on a very good friend in Mumbai. Thanks for being there.

Rooshabh Doshi

He is my Hard Rock friend, whenever I have to go to hard rock I give him a call and vice versa. He is my rock star friend in Mumbai who also dedicated me a song in one of his gigs at Jazz By the bay. One day when you become a national rock star please don’t forget me.:-p

Vahishta Mistry

Thank you for all the wonderful times we spent together, you for a little while may be but made me feel at home in Mumbai. I have always admired you as a person, and will always look up to you professionally and have always envied your diplomacy skills. Thanks for bearing all my irrational behavior and still managing to keep your cool and help me out in every possible way. You have helped me at any given point of time and I shall always remember and value that. You have been and always be a very special part of my life and I sincerely mean it when I say that my stay here would have been incomplete without your presence. I would like to publicly apologize to you if I have ever hurt you in any little way. And I hope you know me enough to know that I didn’t mean any of it. Last but not the least a big thank you to Vasanta Aunty, Aspi Uncle and Granny.

p.s I still think you should take the advice I gave you today seriously…:-p

Achin and Utsav

Will always remember you guyz, sadly enough we got to know each other in the last days of my stay here but really have had some good fun with you people. Achin you are one of those rare guyz who has the capability of being a girls best friend. Because its so much fun chilling with you.

Utsav thanks for helping me out with Financial Management after a long day of work. You are one of the sweetest and the most genuine people I have come across in Mumbai.

Finally a big thank you to Arnab, Priyank, Noel, Nitya, Lavanya, Hiral (My cool boss), Dr Colaco, Yash, and all my class mates Will miss you all…..

p.s I hope I haven’t missed out on any one.


Scribblers Inc said...

Times' they come and times' they go, but just so to let you know,
that a weep, a smile, they keep in tow;
as fond memories, they turn to grow...

Best o' luck for a brand new life...

wishful stranger,
Scribblers Inc.

shrimoyee said...

heyyy thanks man!!!! checked out ur blog!!! nice one...:-)