Friday, May 14, 2010


Sometimes I wonder how constricted my life is and even more constrained are my wants and thought process. On one hand there are people like Chomsky and Miss Wolf who are thinking about and writing mammoth pieces on world economy and the world market and busy evaluating them and breaking their heads over them, and on the other hand there are people like me who start thinking that their world has come to a stand still with just one disastrous relationship or one bad day at work or college. I’m aware that I am not the only one in all probability who falls into this category of humans (If I may call so, because if I am human then god knows what people like Tagore , Einstein or even Chomsky are.) but then I also wonder what happens to such people? Do we remain like this all our lives where our world revolves around flaunting our new job, celebrating our marriage anniversary or any such frivolous event, striving to achieve the highly globalized aspirations and having a few so called intellectual coffee table discussions on globalization and literature?

Lately all I have seen myself distressed about is my relationship, and brooding about how my life would suck if I didn’t have a triumphant relationship or if I don’t get a lucrative job (which of course pays me enough to satisfy all my self esteem needs). But then when I look around and see how people can loose their house and all their loved ones in just a spur of a moment, due to an accident or a natural calamity I speculate how trivial my qualms are. Then I realize that all this can just get washed away in no time but all that will remain is my inner self and if that self is hollow then what is the entire point of my existence. I am not trying to be idealistic here but all I am saying is if we could spend a little more time thinking about our real self, taking some time off from our external self then may be we could deal with extremities a little better than usual. 


Ram said...

feel free n enjoy life.. u'll sureely get everythng just trust urself.. :))

Gazal Bharadwaj said...

You would definitely deal with it.

Scribblers Inc said... sound like you are gonna evaporate into the upper realm and turn into some higher spiritual incarnate or somethin...breathe easy!

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.-NO. I did not use it. Unfortunately, I am yet to come across someone who would dig somethin of that sort...or is it fortunate? bleh! :/

Arpan Kar said...

Hmmm.... even I am passing thru the same phase now... nice article...
Time heals a lot of things, but to actually move on, u need to fill up the vacuum with sumone else..I guess...

shrimoyee said...

@ ram well it was just a passing thought!
@ gaxal nice name...:-) thanks
@ scribblers well well the prob is i breathe easy almost all the time and there are some of those days you know when you just feel like bullshitting! this was one of them i am guessing...:-p
@ arpan :-)