Saturday, November 11, 2006


I was sitting on the beach,thinking about you.
Arose a question in my mind,
how much do i love you?
Looking at the waves hitting the shore,
some touching phrases came out of the core.
How the waves love the shore!
Is that the way i love you?

I looked at the sun in search of you,
I also peeped at the morning dew,
I search you here,i search you there,
But i see you always everywhere.
Even at the sea that i stare.
Is that the way i love you?

Before the sun could see me
And along with the morning dew
I saw something amazing,
To my eyes it was new.
Two white doves looking at each others eyes,
without moving or being shy,
Promised to be togethar or die.
Is that the way i love you?

And then i remembered what you said,
When the wind through my hair blew.
Hpw much you loved me sometime back,
And how much that love grew.
You kept on saying"You know you are mine,till the end of world,till the end of time!"
At last i felt,on the sand while lying,
This is the way i love you!


Hetalsimplynicelyjusttotallyrules said...

lovely poem...straight from the heart...

Here's smthing that i smtimes follow when im stuck...and dont know what to do...

Lead, kindly Light, amid th'encircling gloom;
Lead thou me on!
The night is dark, and I am far from home;
Lead thou me on!
Keep thou my feet;
I do not ask to see The distant scene--one step enough for me. [Hymns, 1985, no. 97]

The Darkish Overlord said...

i love this poem :)

The Darkish Overlord said...

shrim i'm really sorry sweetheart, please come back...i love you

Geetika said...

duhling...u hve simply blown me off...good work..

reema said...

i shud nt be makin i jus cant help myself...nd trust me u score more brownie points girl...