Thursday, January 11, 2007

letter to god...

Dear God,
I'm shrimoyee,as they say that you are the almighty and you know all your creations so you muct be knowing me too,and im sure that you also know in what state im right now.Five moths from now nobody knows where im going to land,what im going to do,or rather will i do anything atall.But im sure you have all the answers to my question,so here i throw in front of you a volley of questions and i need all the answers from you.

So here it goes....
1.How will i fare in my board examination?]
2.Will i get into any of the good colleges of Delhi or Mumbai?
3.What will happen to my love life,will our relationship last?
4.Will i be doing what i want to do[media]or will i do something else?
5.Will Rick go to Singapore or will he stay here?
6.And on a lighter note if he dumps me ,will i get a cute boy frnd?

I would be extremely thankful to you if i get the answers to all my above questions.[as they say in formal letters].

yours faithfully,


arko said...

hey babes no troubles no worries just think abot ur exams comin up n concentrate the rest of da problems will be solvd automatically! tathastu!!!!!!!!!!!! he he!!!

The Darkish Overlord said...

shrim...change your template baby:)

Indranil said...

Hi this is god....thanks for being a follower and having so much faith in me....The way you move ahead through unpredictable times decides ur character...So stop worrying and make the best out of the 5 months...all wud be well

subhajit said...

god has better things to do than ans abt ur college admissions.....deep inside u also think so!!!!!its all pre-planned...we are mere puppets!!!its just we have emotions....but who cares abt that!!??? do u?
ur letter has loads of naive emotions.....but there is nothin one can do abt the future...cheers!!!!

shrimoyee said...

thanks all of you for taking out your precious time and commenting on my blog..