Sunday, November 25, 2007

Introduction to my new life

My last post was filled with questions which are finally answered and thing have pretty much gone in my favour.At last i realised that life is not all that cruel.

So finally I'm in Mumbai, Sophia college doing bachelors of media management [this is what i always wanted to do].Rick didnt go to singapore but Delhi and he is doing Economics honers.We are no longer dating each other and Rick blames me for stopping him from going to singapore.Though i didnt do anything of that sort [At least i feel that way].No one can stop any one from doing anything.

So this is the current state of my life.All this while i was irregular in updating my blog becuase i was busy setteling my life and yes trying to adjust in this cosmopolitan city, which has everything but warmth.I shouldnt be complaining, beacause it was me who choose to come here, rather was determined to come here.

But in all I'm enjoying my new life.

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