Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The next Sunday again Raina goes to the tutorial for giving her mock test as usual, and to her great astonishment she found Raunak sitting there on one corner of the room. She was pleasantly surprised, and quietly came into the room and sat down. Raunak smiled at her and she smiled back…….They both were happy to see each other, but the only difference was that Raina had nor expected this meet and Raunak had planned this meet, because Raunak never came on Sunday to give the tests….his scheduled date was saterday….last Sunday he had come by chance. They both wanted to strike a conversation with each other but were too egoistic in their own ways to do so till Sundari came in. Raina had her school fest the previous night, so she started discussing about it with sundari, that is when Raunak made a call to his friend and started narrating his bad experience in the same fest last night. Raina heard that and the moment raunak gung up she charged him and hence they both started a conversation. They spoke about music, books, the mock test, their school and many other things…….Raunak was happily flirting in his own smooth manner and raina reciprocated, she asked him weather he was dating anybody and he said that there was no girl who he liked. So she asked him about the kind of girls he liked and pat came the reply “ I like dusky gilrs with beautiful eyes”…Sundari kicked raina on her legs immediately….Finally they both landed up with a blank paper, both either of them were least bothered. Raunak asked raina for her yahoo chat id and she gave it without any hesitation.

Riana went home, had her lunch and afternoon nap and went online like yet another lazy Sunday evening and suddenly a yahoo chat window pops in her computer screen

Rickyb: hey im raunak from tution
Raina: ohhhh hey…..

Raunak went home and the first thing he did was to add Raina, he had logged in from his phone to check when she comes online, so the moment he saw her online he started chatting. Thus they kept chatting for hours, and on a happier note, raina had a web cam in her computer so Raunak could even see her.They kept flirting with eacvh other when finally after 4 days Raunak asked Raina……..

Rickyb: I really like a girl a lot and I don’t know how to ask her out on a date, you are a girl can you tell me how do I go about it?
Raina: well how is the girl? I mean if she is frank and a good friend of yours by now then ask her directly….I’m sure she will say a yes.
Raunak:Ohhhkkkk are you sure????? The girl is very sweet and pretty and very frank also…..
Riana: Fine then whats the problem go ahead and ask her out….
Raunak:Hey chocolate babe will you come on a date with me? Look now you cant refuse, because u said she will say yes….
Raina:hehehehe….very clever huh!..ok fine I will….

Then finally they go out on their first date……They saw two movies back to back, king kong and kalyug ……then they went to ccd and Raunak with his usual smoothness started flirting.They played the eye game and had kept a reprimand of a kiss each.So each time any one of them lost they kissed each other on their cheek. Then Raunak said if one looses thrice in a row then the penalty is a smooch.So finally Raina had her first kiss and Raunak his 100th or so… a cab. Raina was nervous, excited, got butterflies in her stomach, frightened but she was so attracted to him that she could not refuse it either………


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