Sunday, November 25, 2007

Letter to Ma..

Dear Ma,
It is really strange to write letters to people who are so close to you, if not physically but mentally.But there are some things which are better written than said.All this while that i was there with you in kolkata i didnt realise your importance but now that I'm not there with you, i understand your importance.You are the person who has shaped up my personality, and helped me grow as a girl, daughter,friend and even a girl friend.I'm really very lucky to be a pampered child, there are many friends of mine who are neglected, but trust me i never felt neglected for any moment in my life.

I still remember when i was a toddler and you had your university examinations, Instead of revising your syllabus on the very morning you were busy preparing my breakfast , my juice and my lunch.I didnt have any tution teacher till my high school, you taught me each and every subject.The moment i used to return from school and you from work , you used to sit with me to teach me, I hated it then but now i really miss it, I miss studying in front of you and depending on you to prepare me for my exams.When Arko was born I was very jealous because of the fear of being neglected but trust me you never let me feel left out, that is probably beacause you love me more than him and even if you dont i love to think that way.When i had my first crush youcame to know about it from your secret spy cum our chauffer, You were the one to break the ice and explain me things instead of getting mad at me like most parents.You can't imagine how embarraced i was but then that day i got my best friend in you.It is such a blessing to have a best friend in your mother.

Ma i really miss you a lot in Mumbai, now when you call me i don't talk much, but trust me i have a lot to share with you.I crave for those small on and off conversations that we had of which papa was extremely jealous.I love you a lot ma, You complete me.


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